Vihuela, 6-chörig, 16. Jhd
vihuela, 6-course, 16th century

Based on a woodcut "Orpheus, the vihuela playing", from Libro de Musica de vihuela de mano intitulado El maestro von Luis Milan, Valencia, 1536.

string length 62 cm, stringing: 6 x 2

back of 13 ribs maple and walnut or maple and plum
sides of maple
soundboard alpine spruce with inlays
neck pear, pegbox with inlays
fingerboard pear
rosette with parchment

tuning GG - cc - ff - aa - dd - g'(g') (Other tuning is available any time).

prices (without stringing):
3626 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
3047 Euro without VAT / out of the EU

Article with delivery time.

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6-ch. Vihuela 6-ch. Vihuela 6-ch. Vihuela

Ausführungsvariante Ahorn und Pflaume / alternative model maple and plum

6-ch. Vihuela