Barockgitarre nach Alexander Voboam, Paris 1676
baroque guitar after Alexander Voboam, Paris 1676

Original in Musée de la musique Paris, (E.1532)

string length 69,7 cm, stringing 5 x 2

baroque guitar with flat back made of 5 ribs of maple with triple veins
rosewood sides (ebony with extra charge) with 2 bright galalith veins
soundboard alpine spruce
parchment rosette in 5 deep tiers
fingerboard of ebony
Back of neck and pegbox with striped galalith inlay
ebony and galalith cord edge on spruce, fingerboard, neck and pegbox

tuning aA-d'd-gg-bb-e'e' (Other tuning is available any time)

prices (without stringing):
5287 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
4443 Euro without VAT / out of the EU

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Barockgitarre nach Alexander Voboam, Paris 1670 Barockgitarre nach Alexander Voboam, Paris 1670